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Ananda Marin Moore Hall 3341 405 Hilgard Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521

Ananda Marin

P: (310) 206-1877 E: [email protected]

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Ph.D., Learning Sciences, Northwestern University

M.S., Public Policy, Harvard University

B.A., Sociology, Yale University

I explore questions about the socio-cultural dimensions of learning and development in everyday and intergenerational contexts. In one line of work I examine the practices that children and families use to reason and build knowledge about the natural world. I am particularly interested in (1) how families coordinate attention and observation while participating in science activities, (2) how mobility and place structure activity and (3) cultural variability in sensemaking practices such as question-asking and explaining. I also investigate Native American participation in STEM and cultural models of self as related to senses of capability and competence. Across my scholarship, I take a participatory approach and employ a variety of research designs and methods including: community-based design research, cognitive tasks, studies of everyday practices, content analysis, discourse analysis, interaction analysis and video-ethnography. Through my work I aim to answer basic research questions about development, innovate methods, and design teaching and learning tools that contribute to the goals and well-being of Indigenous and non-dominant communities.

Bang, M., Curley, L., Kessel, A., Marin, A. , Suzokovich, E. (2015). Muskrat Theories, Tobacco in the Streets, and Living Chicago as Indigenous Lands. In McCoy, K., Tuck, E., McKenzie, M. (Eds.) Land Education: Rethinking pedagogies for place from Indigenous, postcolonial, and decolonizing perspectives .

Marin, A.

Bang, M. Marin, A. (2015). Nature-culture constructs in science learning: Human-non-human agency and intentionality. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 52 (4), 530-544.

Bang, M., Marin, A. , Medin, D., Washinawatok, K. (2015). Learning by observing, pitching in and being in relations in the natural world. In R. Mejía-Arauz, M. Correa-Chávez, B. Rogoff (Eds.), Advances in Child Development Behavior: Research on how children learn by observing and contributing in their families and communities (pp. 303-313).

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pp. 95-96

Sometimes the world of things has something to say. Randall Jarrell wrote that stream water made a sound that was like a spoon or glass breathing.

In fantasy I’m a hermit. I live in a hut and my poems are my prayers. But in life my “home office” buzzes and dings with computer and printer. I’m a person—writer, teacher, editor—who’s too busy, overscheduled, often interrupted, and seldom caught up. Perhaps that explains why I crave quietness. Or could be it’s a common human craving. I like the idea of quietly writing at a heavy oak desk, the oak heavy enough, thick enough, solid enough to emit quietness.

Quietness is simpler than silence. Or perhaps simple is not the word I want. It’s more familiar, more homey. A quiet night at home might include washing the dishes and reading by the fire. It might include quiet music, quiet conversation, quietly sitting. A quiet day might be a day of cooking and gardening. It might include sweeping the sidewalk.

Silence is more forbidding, perhaps a bit fearsome. A silent night is a holy night. There is such a thing as getting the silent treatment. You can be greeted with a stony silence. To be silent means to refrain from speech. To be silenced is to be repressed, suppressed, censored, shut up.

To be quieted is to be calmed down. The Anglo-Norman and Middle French root of quiet ( quiete ) contains quietude—tranquility.

There are artists who capture quietness in their works, and gazing at their works quiets the mind. One reason I like going to art museums is to quiet my mind. I like going alone, and I may not stay for long.

Here at Seattle’s Henry Gallery, I stand before a large-format photograph (four by five feet) of a dry West Texas landscape. A barnyard, fenced with a rough-stick coyote fence, gated with a wide-swinging barnyard gate. An expanse of gravel and dry grass. The vast Texas sky. Closeup, a truck fragment—tire, chrome fender, a blur of red. A shed, shot from ground level, with the rippled roof-edge evidence of corrugated tin. On this dry ground sits a tiny (life-sized) brown-capped bird. The sun is hot. It is quiet, very quiet. You have entered this quiet country, and you see it through the bird’s eye. The photographer, Jean-Luc Mylayne, will spend two or three months to get such a picture. All twentythree of these large-format “landscapes with human traces” include a small bird. Mylayne chooses a spot where birds flock, chooses a particular bird for his subject, and allows the flock to get used to his presence and equipage. He names his large-format photographs according to the time spent—“No. 198 January February 2004.”

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about testing with BitPay and the Bitcoin testnet.

For now, you will be unable to make a bitcoin-to-dollar load with any amount smaller than $100 USD in bitcoin. If you need to load your card, we recommend loading larger amounts in advance of the purchases you will need to make.

If you need to load your card, we recommend loading larger amounts in advance of the purchases you will need to make.

If you are a US-based cardholder, you can also continue to make cash loads or direct deposits to your BitPay Card for amounts smaller than $100. International cardholders will continue to have access to other load methods such as Visa® Direct.

This invoice minimum change also means that new BitPay Cards are temporarily unavailable for order. Follow our nike free hypervenom mid cool grey
for updates.

We are observing Bitcoin network conditions constantly. If network capacity increases or miner fee levels go down, we will evaluate lowering our invoice minimum again.

We are also working quickly to add support for a nike air max 90 mens white/greyvarsity red robin
on all BitPay invoices. Bitcoin Cash is a modified fork of Bitcoin which will allow purchasers to send payments with significantly lower bitcoin miner fees. Bitcoin Cash payments will allow us to re-enable payments as small as $1 or smaller.

BitPay does not control or benefit from bitcoin miner fee levels. But we will continue to improve our platform to protect our users from the effects of large swings in these fees.

We will be working in the coming months to implement Segregated Witness (Segwit) in various parts of our platform. Segregated Witness reduces the size of bitcoin transactions, allowing for an average bitcoin miner fee reduction of air jordan clothes australia

Thank you for your patience as we respond to changing Bitcoin network conditions. Our team is working hard to give you access to fast, secure, reliable, and affordable blockchain payments. We look forward to releasing these improvements in the year ahead.

For US Residents :The BitPay Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa, U.S.A. Inc. “Metropolitan” and “Metropolitan Commercial Bank” are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank © 2014. Use of the Card is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Cardholder Agreement and fee schedule, if any.

Plan Your Visit

Hearst Castle is open and can be reached from the north via Highway 101 to Paso Robles and from the south via Cambria and Paso Robles.

Open Daily9:00 a.m



Children Ages 5-12Under 5 free

From experiencing what life was like asa guest of air jordan 1 mid retro white stove
to exploring his personal collection of rare and ancient works of art , encounter the majesty and beauty of this historical treasure first-handwith a guided Hearst Castle tour. We also offer foot locker nike air jordan retro
for visitors.

The Neptune Pool is currently empty due to restoration work in progress.

Gather in the grand social rooms of Casa Grande—the largest house at Hearst Castle—to experience what it was like to be a guest at this hilltop retreat. Recommended for first-time visitors, this tour also has the fewest stairs to climb.

This tour is wheelchair accessible and is also designed for visitors who have difficulty climbing up and down stairs, or who cannot stand or walk for lengths of time. The Accessibly Designed Grand Rooms Tour visits the estate’s most opulent social gathering rooms to reveal what it was like to be a guest at The Enchanted Hill—known today as Hearst Castle. TOUR RESERVATION, CHANGE AND CANCELLATION POLICY Reservations can be made, changed or cancelled online at […]

This tour is wheelchair accessible and is also designed for visitors who have difficulty climbing up and down stairs, or who cannot stand or walk for lengths of time. The Accessibly Designed Evening Tour takes guests back in time every spring and fall, as Living History Docents in 1930s clothing appear along the tour route, adding life once again to the magnificent surroundings seen on tour. In 2017, the Accessibly Designed Evening Tours will be offered […]

This tour is wheelchair accessible. Visitors who have difficulty climbing stairs, or who cannot stand or walk for extended periods, may also benefit from this tour. Accessible transportation is provided from the Visitor Center to all areas of the Holiday Twilight Tour. See Holiday Twilight Tour for a description. Call 866-712-2286 for additional information. In 2017, this tour is offered on November 24th and November 25, and again from December 16th through December 30th, with the […]

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