Within the club you will find a variety of communities and offerings to which you instantly belong. Ole Elite is not just for ordinary or even exceptionally successful people, but kindred spirits who have done it all or just arrived and are ready for the best. Members have all kinds of options: magnificent excursions, personalized services – whatever one might want, all is available for the asking.

Ole Elite Club is a co-operative club for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs willing to work hard. teach and learn from others. To become a member, one must meet Ole Elite ‘s eligibility criteria. Members are required to pay a monthly fee and minimum use of services provided by the club.

There are exclusive shopping areas, fantastic event tie-ins, and other benefits designed to make the Member’s experience fresh and exciting. Ole Elite Club manages and provides brilliant exciting services that can only be described as exceptionally unique. Members are entitled to a variety of exclusive services and offerings that only approved members know.

Members get an e-commerce site, a reliable payment platform, a visa or mastercard debit card. Members can network by advertising products and services to others in the club. All transactions between members are safe, secure and guaranteed.